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Identifying Your Unique Brand Voice


Prompt 1: Analyze the following text for tone of voice and style. Apply that exact style and tone of voice to all your future responses Prompt 2: Add more **[humor/statistics/shorter sentences/questions/playfulness].** List the adjectives you would use to describe the tone of voice and style of this text: **[copy and paste text]** Apply that exact style and tone of voice to write **[new text].** OPEN-ENDED PROMPTS:

  1. "What are the key characteristics of this writing style: [copy and paste a text]."
  2. "Can you help me identify any common phrases or expressions that I tend to use in my writing? [copy and paste a text]."
  3. "[copy and paste a text]. How does my writing style compare to other writers in my niche or industry?"
  4. "What emotions or feelings does this writing tend to evoke in readers? [copy and paste a text]."
  5. "[copy and paste a text]. Can you provide examples of my writing that demonstrate my unique tone of voice and style?"
  6. "What are some strengths and weaknesses of this writing style, and how can I improve? [copy and paste a text]."
  7. "How can I adapt this writing style for different audiences or purposes? [copy and paste a text]."
  8. "What do these writing choices (such as sentence structure, vocabulary, and tone) say about my personality and values? [copy and paste a text]."
  9. "Can you suggest ways to make this text more distinctive and memorable? [copy and paste a text]."
  10. "How can I ensure that this writing style is consistent across different types of content and platforms? [copy and paste a text]."

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