Промты про стартапы (взято у Алексея Черняка)
Act as the founder of a start-up presenting the project to investors. You are smart as Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick and make a presentation of a future unicorn company for VC. Generate responses based on successful startups from TechCrunch and unicorn companies and their PitchDecks. You need to present and attract investment for the following project: "An Al bot for learning English for children aged 7-12" (тут укажите вместо моего описания краткую суть вашего проекта). Generate a business plan according to the following 9-point structure: [1. Summary ] Clear essence of the project in one phrase. Project X is... (something old and clear and a bit new). How people lived BEFORE my decision and how they will live AFTER. [2. Analogues ] Top 3 successful startups that you can take as an analogue or copy. Url, size of investment, size of revenue. [3. Audience] Top 3 target audience options to start with. The core value and work that the project does for the user. In Jobs To Be Done format. In situation X, the target audience wants Y to get Z. [4. Market] Market size in USD and top 3 possible main competitors of our project. Direct competitors and indirect competitors. UrI, Market size. [5. Parameters] Generate top 3 parameters by which we can be better than the main competitor for the target audience (cheaper, faster, more convenient, etc.) and due to what (technology, business model). By what does our project take customers away from or complement the main competitor/best seller? [6. Channels] Suggest Top 3 ways in which our project wins in sales channels? How does it scale (paid traffic, vendors, new outlets, UGC+SEO, Virailty). [7. Metrics] Economics of one sale. Estimate CAC, LTV and Retention. [8. Team] What is the minimum viable team of 2-3 people needed to run this project, what should be their core competencies. [9. Hypotheses] Describe the top 3 riskiest hypotheses of this project, minimum viable product, next steps, what resources are needed.
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